Registration information for the GRE@T-PIONEeR courses has been released!


The GRE@T-PIONEeR project proposes courses that cover a wide range of aspects of nuclear reactor modelling and physics. These courses, offered by experts from all around Europe, are open to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and nuclear engineers looking to enhance their skills.

European countries face a challenging situation regarding the education and training of personnel required for the safe operation of the nuclear plants. Many graduates with nuclear engineering training are needed quickly but attracting new students is increasingly difficult. Actions must be taken to strengthen the European graduate nuclear engineering education network and offer new, attractive, and accessible training resources.

The topics covered in the courses offered by GREAT-PIONEER will allow the students to fully comprehend the methods and corresponding calculations used for modelling the behaviour of nuclear reactor cores, from the generation of nuclear cross-sections to the response of a reactor during a transient. The course modules will contain specifically designed interactive sessions during which the various teachers will closely interact with the students in order to support them in their learning. Most of the preparatory course elements will be delivered online and the students will have the possibility to follow the interactive sessions either on-site or remotely on the web. These courses will be complemented by laboratory exercises at three European research and training reactors to also gain practical experience.

The courses offered by GREAT-PIONEER are divided into 6 topics:

  • ┬áNuclear Data For Energy And Nonenergy Applications
  • Neutron Transport At The Fuel Cell And Assembly Levels
  • Core Modelling For Core Design
  • Core Modelling For Transients
  • Reactor Transients, Nuclear Safety And Uncertainty And Sensitivity Analysis
  • Radiation Protection In Nuclear Environment

The registration dates for the courses can be found on the website here:

Check out the teaser video for the first course on Nuclear data for energy and non-energy applications:


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