GRE@T-PIONEeR partners represented at two nuclear events

GRE@T-PIONEeR partners gave talks at two nuclear education events during the first months of the project

The coordinator of GRE@T-PIONEeR, Christophe Demazière, attended and gave a talk at two nuclear events focused on education.

As part of the prelude to the NESTet 2021 conference, an online event was organised on November 16th and featured discussions from the nuclear education and training sector. Christophe Demazière moderated a discussion session on the consequences of  pandemics on higher education, and whether this challenge was perceived as a threat or an opportunity.

At CONTE2021 the online flipped classroom combined with remote active coding sessions using MATLAB Grader was presented, one of the teaching techniques that will be used in GRE@T-PIONEeR. 

NESTet Prelude November 2020

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